Who We Are

Maple Built is the realization of a dream that the founders of Salemtown Board Co. have been having since 2012. Salemtown Board Co. is a skateboard company that was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating jobs for young men in Nashville. The influence of the company has grown in the neighborhood and there is the desire to train and employ beyond what a small skateboard company is capable of. From the beginning of Salemtown Board Co. the primary focus was creating opportunities for learning and mentorship; Maple Built provides the freedom to expand upon that vision.

We exist to create Employment, Job-Training, and Mentorship opportunities for at-risk youth.



Low income communities are very often job deserts where even entry level positions are filled quickly by adults with plenty of work experience. Our goal is to provide both the practical need of legal employment but also the benefit of having a first line on a resume. These provide a foundation upon which we work to encourage our employees to see options for their future that may not have been previously visible.The context of employment creates an accountability that moves our workers from being purely recipients to team-members that must take responsibility for themselves and how their actions affect those around them.



The tactile context of a woodshop provides many opportunities for problem solving. We strongly believe that the best qualities we can instill in a young man are the ability to solve problems and an eye for detail. Additionally we hold our workers to standards which encourage them to learn the value of hard-work but also allows them to experience the pride that comes with a job well done. Whether the young men we invest in go on to work with their hands or manage a multi-national business, these attributes will set them up for success.



Programs provide helpful frameworks but relationships are where real change happens. Employment and job-training ultimately provide the proximity for mentoring relationships to form. Each employee is paired with a mentor who commits to spend one on one time with them once every two weeks. We work to create a culture of support and friendship that transcends any program or activity. Within the context of these relationships we challenge young men to reimagine their futures while providing the tangible steps to reach their full potential.

Salemtown Board Co.

One of the primary avenues through which Maple Built creates jobs for the young men of Nashville, is through Salemtown Board Co. (SBCo.).  SBCo. is a skateboard manufacturing company that was started in October of 2012 as a means to provide on-the-job training for the youth of North Nashville.  It is an outdoor lifestyle brand that sell skateboards and assorted soft goods.  Through SBCo., our workers have learned general woodworking skills such as operating various saws, sanders, learning to measure and how to glue up wood.